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Minor Gripe

2019-10-21 -- Travel to D.C.

Chris Ertel

So, it looks like I’ll be heading out to D.C. tomorrow for a bit on company business. Sort of a quarterly/semi-yearly team get together and retreat. I’m usually a fan of retreats, though travel itself I don’t really enjoy much anymore. After RC and some miscellaneous adventures last year I suppose I should change my outlook on that, but I can’t quite bring myself to.

On the plus side, I know folks there and it’s only like 3 hours on the plane. On the minus side, there are a bunch of little things to get done and knowing myself I’m going to have trouble getting to bed tonight.

Things I usually do for travel:

The really annoying thing to me is that, when I was younger, I actually really really loved traveling. My folks would take us on road-trips, packed away in hilarious dangerous configurations in our family minivan, and we’d drive all over. Later, in college, I was a big fan of Greyhound and then Megabus, and was happy to hop up to Dallas to see people whenever holidays or whatever came up–it was both cheaper and arguably faster than flying.

And then…I kinda stopped. There’s a whole backstory there, but suffice it to say travel went from something I enjoyed to something I absolutely dreaded. Only in the last couple of years has that gotten better.

That said, the show must go on, and like anything else that scares the hell out of us or that we find especially distasteful perhaps the best solution is to mindfully keep at it until we have convinced the entire stack of brains–people brain, monkey brain, and lizard brain–that the act itself need not be something to be scared of and instead can be at worst a mere nuisance.

That said, flying coach alone still sucks rocks. >:(

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